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Funky Birdie Amber

Soapstone Crystal Animal Carvings

Soapstone Crystal Animal Carvings

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Safari with me...

Animals are friends for sure! But they also have a wisdom that we humans could learn from. Let's go on a spirit animal journey together and learn the lessons of the wild! 

These soapstone animal carvings are cute as they are spiritual. Use them to connect to your spirit animal AND to connect to the message & wisdom of the animals that represent energies you wish to embody. 

Bat-ego, fear, challenge, keen-observation, inner-depth, illusion and clairvoyance 

Whale-creativity, listening to own song, wisdom, power, strength, self-reliance, protection, bravery, ancestry

Dragonfly-joy, levity, emotions, connections with nature spirits, flexibility, connection, emotional, illusionary, transformation, adaptability, self-realization

Turtle-grounding, patience, determination, flow, wisdom, endurance, fertility, longevity, protection, peace

Dolphin-rhythm, freedom, harmony, defensive, assistance, resurgence, strength

Rabbit-community, caretaker, creativity, prosperity, intensity, love, cleverness, sensitivity, harmony, imagination

Dragon-treasure, expansion, transformation, defensive, motivational, authoritative, magical/spirituality, strength

Penguin-community-minded, grace, discipline, confidence, sacrifice, spiritual, determination

Owl-hidden truth, clairvoyance, wisdom, astral travel, secret-keeper, freedom, comfort, stealth, vision, protection, deception

Snail-fertility, slow and determined movement, life's progress, the sacred space of the home

Butterfly-transformation, joy in change, romance, celebration, spirituality, creativity, peace, hope, rebirth

Dog-loyalty, friendship, protection, bravery, affection, communication, patience, devotion, adaptability

Seahorse-wonder, magic, good luck, masculinity, strength, persistence, peace

Shark-survival, reactive response, power, strength, tenacity

Unicorn-purity, realizing dreams, magic, love, faith, vision, innocence, purity, gentleness grace

Frog-transformation, adaptation, sensitivity, peace, fertility, cleansing, rebirth, peace 

Hummingbird-enjoyment of life, presence, playfulness, swiftness, flexibility, love, wisdom, hope, healing, ability, ecstasy, aggression

Alternate Crow/Raven-communication, alchemy, intelligence, magical, fearless, adaptability, manipulative, wisdom, transformation/social, survival

Cat-magic, independence, spirit of adventure, courage, curiosity, affection, observational-skills, secretive, supernatural, mystery, intelligence

Crab-intensity, emotional release, rebirth, intuition - GREAT FOR CANCERS

Horse-travel, power, stamina, freedom, adventurous, mobility, independence, friendship, endurance

Bear-strength, caution, earth power, solitude, quiet, rest, bravery, understanding, peace, authority

Carvings vary in size based on the animal you choose-they run between 1.25" and 1.5". Colors of the soapstone also vary across all the animals and carvings. I did my best to represent the variety of all the natural colors of this earthy material among the pix here. Your animals will be chosen intuitively. Listing comes with one soapstone animal carving. 


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