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Selenite Wands

Selenite Wands

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Selenite aka Satin Spar has the unique ability to release energies it comes in contact with all on its own, making it a self-cleansing crystal. ⁣⁣It is ALSO a fantastic space clearing stone, removing negative or stagnant energy from your space.
⁣⁣*Think after a fight or a visit from some “difficult” family or friends… you know the ones!

Tip for REAL life: These wands fit beautifully above the door ledges of your home to help keep the good vibes IN & the bad vibes OUT!⁣⁣

My other favorite reason to keep selenite close at hand — it can cleanse the energies of any other crystal it comes in contact with. Recharge your crystals & your crystal amber jewelry by draping them over one of these selenite wands for a few hours to overnight — BAM! Fresh, bright vibes for you to jam out with all day!⁣⁣

TIP #2: Use these selenite wands aka selenite sticks or selenite pencils to write protective symbols under your front door mat!

Approximately 3.25-4.5" long, .5" thick

Crystals are natural and will have their own variations. You will receive a wand very similar, but not exact, to what is pictured here. This listing is for one selenite wand, other items shown are photo props. 

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