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Funky Birdie Amber

Personalized Healing Crystal Mystery Box

Personalized Healing Crystal Mystery Box

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These boxes are a great way to expand your collection, tap into my personal crystal knowledge to get crystals for your specific needs & goals you may not even know about yet and they're perfect when you need to treat yo'self to a pick-me-up!🫶

💰Choose your price point 

📝Leave a note letting me know what you need from this box or let it be a total surprise!

-->Healing goal for this box?

 -->Quality vs quantity? 

-->Specific crystal?

-->Certain color scheme?

-->Particular shape?

-->Would you like jewelry? If yes, what size?

This is the perfect time to tell me if you want a theme or certain vibe for your box!

*Every Mystery Box containing a crystal sphere will include a sphere stand as well! (For spheres over 10mm.)

Additional shipping fees are included in the larger box options, in addition to the standard shipping fee that is on all orders. 

Please keep in mind, requests are not guaranteed as I may not have that particular item in stock, or I may have found something even better! Due to the time and shipping supplies it takes to fulfill these orders returns & refunds will not be accepted.

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