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Funky Birdie Amber

Mini Jack-o-lantern with Witch Hat Carving

Mini Jack-o-lantern with Witch Hat Carving

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He is the perfect addition to your spooky collection -- SO much detail! 

Jack-o-lanterns were used traditionally to protect your home from malicious spirits & in modern day to ward off negative energies from entry to your home. Stacked with the energetic boost of the mineral you choose, these babies are not just decoration. 

Strawberry quartz: rare form of quartz w/ hematite & mica inclusions – wonderful for calming & grounding your energy after powerful energy work on Halloween/Samhain, reveals parts of yourself that are usually hidden

Orange aventurine: activate your personal will & manifestation abilities, conjure your dreams into reality helping you to see & understand the unique power you hold

Orange calcite: lighting fires on Halloween is an ancient tradition believed to protect from harmful spirits, orange calcite lights the fire within you lending to increased sex drive, boosted self confidence & raised levels of personal power & positivity important for spiritual protection

These babies measure 28mm x 12mm & you will receive the exact piece shown here. This listing includes one crystal jack-o-lantern in the mineral of your choosing. 

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