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Funky Birdie Amber

Jack-O-Lantern Crystal Carving

Jack-O-Lantern Crystal Carving

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Smiley lepidolite jack-o-lantern sporting her conical, sorting-esque witch's hat & her buddy mister red jasper spooky carved jack-o-lantern with his hat & broom 🧙‍♀️ 🧹

Lepidolite tunes you in to the spiritual in your daily life by showing you the synchronicities all around you 💜

Red jasper is your key to mastering your fears, removing old negative attachments or cords & energizing your progress on personal growth work ❤️

Jack-o-lanterns symbolize protection especially for your home from negative spirits or more recently bad vibes 🎃

Ms Lepidolite measures approx. 47mm x 53mm, 170 grams, Mr Jasper measures approx. 49mm x52mm, 148 grams. You will receive the exact crystal pictured here. 

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