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Funky Birdie Amber

MasterPeace - June Bracelet of the Month & Subscription Box for Controlling Emotions & Anger

MasterPeace - June Bracelet of the Month & Subscription Box for Controlling Emotions & Anger

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In this month's box, you'll receive MasterPeace: June's BOM for controlling emotions & anger PLUS grape agate botryoidal minis & mini apothecary jar & necklace -- stability, security & peace! Also included: candy, stickers & info cards with deets on the crystals in your bracelet, their properties as relates to this month's theme & affirmations for this month, as well as a card giving you info on fluorite & real-life tips for using your crystal.    

When tensions rise, it can feel like time speeds up. Our minds become so clouded with emotions & brain chemicals that we lose perspective on what matters most. MasterPeace helps find “the pause” – that extra breath. The additional time that allows you to make a choice in how to react during a time of stress. Look beyond the present & remember your big picture – the people you love. It’s the best feeling to reflect back after a hard moment & know you honored your priorities & your relationships! 

MasterPeace includes:
Amazonite: “peacemaker stone”
Aquamarine: speak from the heart, solve conflict, cool fiery emotions
Blue lace agate: communicate clearly without using harmful tone
Purple jade: grow & align with higher self
Amethyst: create a protective bubble to maintain mental clarity
Phosphosiderite: ground emotions to better deal with stress
Thulite: deal with inner demons & anger to push past them
Madagascar rose quartz: stone of pure love reminds us to speak & act from love, always


A great way to build your stack of Funky Birdie Amber stretchy bracelets! Buy a single box, or subscribe & save!

New subscribers will start with MasterPeace: June's Bracelet of the Month box


  • Bracelet of the Month (BOM) will be announced here and on our Facebook page the 1st business day of every month
  • The BOM may be any combination of Baltic amber and crystals and will be strung on stretchy cord
  • Includes an info card with the crystals in your BOM & their properties as relates to the theme for the month plus affirmations for the month
  • Includes a crystal selected to complement your BOM & an info card with tips for use
  • PLUS each box will include a bonus goodie related to the focus of that month (past goodies examples: bath soak, herb & crystal infused candle, and crystal bookmark)
  • $5 shipping per month
  • Sales, discounts, and coupon codes are not valid on subscription boxes, or on a single box purchase

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Due to the natural materials used, your piece will differ slightly from what is pictured. Photos have been enlarged to show detail. Beads measure approx. 4-6mm. Colors shown may vary due to your monitor settings. This piece is made to order & not eligible for return or exchange.

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