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Lepidolite Crystal Pendulum & Double-sided Pendulum Board

Lepidolite Crystal Pendulum & Double-sided Pendulum Board

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Some fun uses for your pendulum: find lost objects, get guidance on your to-do list, or identify chakras you need to work on.

Each pendulum is finished with silver toned chain and glass bead handle and is 6" long from tip of the pendulum to top of the handle bead. Lepidolite crystals vary from dark eggplant to light lavender so each one is different and may not look like those pictured. 

How to use your pendulum & board:  

  1. Spend a few moments holding your pendulum crystal to connect with its energy. 
  2. Sit comfortably, legs uncrossed, with your elbow resting on the table to steady, pendulum dangling freely from your dominant hand over your board. 
  3. Show your pendulum each answer by swinging the pendulum gently in that direction and saying, “This is yes”. Repeat for each answer. You can think this or speak aloud.
  4. Try a couple of test questions you already know the answer to like, “Is my hair curly?” to get a feel for how your pendulum moves. Adjust your board if you feel the need.
  5. Once you are comfy, start asking questions. Keep in mind they need to be yes/no questions. 

Note: Avoid asking questions that you have a strong hope for a specific answer. Your pendulum is pulling from your subconscious, so you will find it’s likely your pendulum will give you the answer you want to receive. 

You can energetically cleanse your crystal pendulum using smoke, sound, Reiki, prayer, salt, and/or moonlight. I do not recommend using water to cleanse lepidolite. 

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