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Funky Birdie Amber

Halloween Crystal Live Sale Order for Kelley K.

Halloween Crystal Live Sale Order for Kelley K.

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Arfvedsonite stacker 7" w/ skull $29

Spiderweb jasper stacker 6.5" w/ skull $15

Energy jar PROTECT $10

x2 Candle dressing kit PROTECT $14

x4 Candles $4

Magical garnet in apophyllite sphere $63

Spooky kitty sphere stand $2

Spooky mushie sphere stand $3

Selenite treasure bowl $12

Energy broom $9

Celestial crystal bookmark $8

Amethyst jack-o-lantern carving $15

x6 Apache tear obsidian tumble $12

Amazonite resin fairy GIFT <3

Gem quality lepidolite mini sphere $10

x2 Selenite ice small reg 2, Live SALE $1

x2 Selenite ice large reg 6, Live SALE $3

Silver star candle holder $6

Protection candle reg 13, Live SALE $5

Gem quality lepidolite specimen $36

Selenite bat $15

Stand $1

HOWLite (hehe) ghostie carving $18

x3 Rainbow obsidian pocket heart $21

Black obsidian coffin carving $6

Black obsidian triple goddess pendulum/pendant $12

Snowy quartz Jack Skellington carving $45

Chubby (heeeee hehehehe) smoky quartz mini peen $8

Pyrite sleepy kitty $18

Deep red mookaite skully $24

Purple mookaite skully $24

Silver goddess obsidian crystal ball $27

Witches' bells $25

Opalite crescent moon $9

x3 Tiger iron tumbles $6

Autumn vibes labradorite tree star leaf carving ;) $24

Amethyst moon carving $5

x2 Silver star candle holder $12

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I have Sezzle, ShopPay & PayPal Pay-In-4 as your method of payment at checkout to take advantage of buy now, pay later payment plan options. Your order will ship same as if you paid cash! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to grab a screen shot if you would like to keep an itemized list of your claims for easy jewelry ID later on. 😊 This will not be printed on the packing slip shipped with your order. 

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