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Funky Birdie Amber

Empath's BFF Crystal & Herb Infused Intention Candle

Empath's BFF Crystal & Herb Infused Intention Candle

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Handmade by me with intention and love, these votive candles are soy wax with a 100% cotton wick and come in a glass holder and are infused with herbs, high quality essential oils and crystals to help you shield your energy, differentiate between your feelings & other people’s, and set health boundaries. Each candle comes with an info card with ingredients & their purposes, suggestions for use, and safety tips.

🖤 Black represents protection & stability

Herbs & oils:

  • Rue-guards against psychic attack
  • Calendula/marigold-release what does not serve you
  • Rosemary oil-discern your emotions from others’


  • Onyx-shield your energy
  • Smoky quartz-block energy vampires
  • Amethyst-clarity & peace

Please always use caution and follow candle burning safety tips when burning any candle!

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