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Elite Shungite Chunk

Elite Shungite Chunk

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Your choice of elite shungite stone. Each stone measures 1/4" to 1", see ruler for reference. 


  • Place on desk/near computers or devices: Shungite is excellent for shielding us from the harmful effects of EMF radiation while grounding and promoting mental clarity. This makes your desk, near your computer or printer particularly, a great place for your shungite. 
  • In your kitchen: The kitchen is often overlooked in the home as a place for electronics but most modern kitchens are loaded with them! Place your shungite near your microwave, tv, or Alexa/smart speaker to help you combat negative effects to your food and you, as you prepare it!
  • Make shungite water: Elite or Noble shungite is the  purest form at 95-98% carbon, which makes it excellent for purifying water, adding antibacterial qualities as well as an energetic boost. Follow these instructions for making shungite water:


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