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Funky Birdie Amber

Crystals for Home Live Sale for Vee B.

Crystals for Home Live Sale for Vee B.

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Druzy carnelian flat tower $27
x3 hex sphere stand $18
Carnelian sphere $15
x2 Ocean jasper sphere $26 $13
Angelite tower $14
x2 Sardonyx tower $15 $14
Laser cut sphere stand $3
Slab stand $2
Celestite cluster $6
Pyrite freeform $23
Moss agate flame $36
unicorn wood stand $2
moon phase stand $3
Pyrite in biotite rhombus $27
Shungite with hematite tower $11
Selenite tower $7
Rose quartz free form reg 14, $12
UV light $3
Gem lepidolite/silver mica moon $33
x3 chrysocolla tumbles $6

Payment due within 24hrs of email please 😁 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to grab a screen shot if you would like to keep an itemized list of your claims for easy jewelry & crystal ID later on. 😊 The details here will not be printed on the packing slip shipped with your order. 

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