5 Crystals For Every Enneagram Type

5 Crystals For Every Enneagram Type

New to the enneagram? Welcome to your new obsession! But really, I absolutely love exploring the enneagram types, learning more about myself and those around me in the process. It's been an amazing tool for self-discovery. So, like any crystal lover, of course I needed to pair each enneagram type with a crystal! I couldn't stop at one though, so here's a list of the top crystals for each enneagram type!

Not sure what enneagram type you are? My favorite enneagram test can be found at www.9types.com -- then check back to see which crystals are best for your enneagram type.


Crystals for Enneagram Types

Pastel rainbow graphic about Enneagram types, their names & common personality traits


Crystals for Enneagram One:

Crystals for Enneagram type one graphic with green and red background and white text
  • BLACK TOURMALINE: Stress, filters negativity
  • HEMATITE: Enhances focus, inspires courage
  • LAPIS LAZULI: Appreciation of other's opinions
  • CHYRSOCOLLA: Self-compassion, self-forgiveness
  • RED JASPER: Confidence & self-assuredness


Crystals for Enneagram Two:

Pastel graphic with enneagram 2 crystal recommendations

  • ROSE QUARTZ: Reminder to take care of their own emotional needs
  • AMETHYST: Balances need to help others with the need to rest
  • BLUE AVENTURINE: Inner harmony & encourages open & honest communication
  • ANGELITE: Calm & honest communication


Crystals for Enneagram 3:

Ombre red and green graphic with information and crystal recs for enneagram 3 types

  • RHODONITE: Emotional balance & pacing oneself
  • TIGER'S EYE: Balances solar plexus chakra
  • BLUE TIGER'S EYE: Drive & communication
  • APATITE: Empathy & compassion
  • MALACHITE: Emotional growth & confidence
  • CITRINE: Motivation & imagination


Crystals for Enneagram Four:

Ombre purple and green info graphic with crystal recs for enneagram 4

  • ONYX: Grief & decision-making
  • HEMATITE: Grounding & deep thinking
  • TIGER'S EYE: Confidence & manifestation
  • AMETHYST: Inspiration & intuition
  • JADE: Self-acceptance & self-discovery
  • OPALITE: Mood stabilizing & inspiring self-worth
  • ROSE QUARTZ: Deepens understanding of one's true self


Crystals for Enneagram Five:

Gradient purple and greyish green background with white text giving crystals associated with enneagram type 5

  • AMETHYST: Calms fear & resentment
  • SODALITE: Logic & insight
  • LAPIS LAZULI: Wisdom & empowerment
  • AZURITE: Balances ego with empathy
  • GREEN AVENTURINE: Attracts success
  • HOWLITE: Protection during vulnerable times
  • PYRITE: Energy & creativity


Crystals for Enneagram Six:

Pink fades to purple background info graphic with crystals for enneagram type 6

  • AQUAMARINE: Instinct & openness
  • BLUE LACE AGATE: Balances throat chakra
  • SODALITE: Soothes defensiveness & hypervigilance
  • DUMORTIERITE: Self-discipline & orderliness
  • TOURMALINE: Protection & blocks negativity
  • ROSE QUARTZ: Help to love & be loved
  • MOONSTONE: Calms anxiety during transitional periods


Crystals for Enneagram Seven:

 Pink fading to green ombre background with white text describing crystals for enneagram type 7

  • SMOKY QUARTZ: Grounding & soothes hyperactivity
  • LEPIDOLITE: Encourages objective observation & balance
  • SUNSTONE: Inspires joy & leadership
  • LABRADORITE: Inspires one to realize possibilities
  • CITRINE: Emotional clarity & manifestation


Crystals for Enneagram Eight:

Purple and green ombre graphic with white text describing crystals for enneagram type 8

  • AMETHYST: Balances strong emotions & encourages rest
  • TIGER'S EYE: Protects from exterior pressure & expectation, helps to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions
  • MALACHITE: Opens heart & releases trauma
  • JADE: Encourages healthy relationships & expression
  • CITRINE: Abundance and power, helps channel intense energy into a force for good


    Crystals for Enneagram Nine:

    Pastel rainbow background with white text describing crystals for enneagram type 9

    • AMAZONITE: Speaking one's truth & calming
    • BLUE LACE AGATE: Retaining information & reduces tension
    • AMETHYST: Memory & decision-making
    • ROSE QUARTZ: Encourages deeper, healthier, more fulfilling relationships, encourages confidence & gentle assertiveness
    • HOWLITE: Calms negativity & upset when conflict is present
    • SELENITE: Focus, clarity, opens the mind to realize its higher purpose


      What Enneagram type are you?

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